The 3 Key Factors To Barry’s Successful Transformation

IMG_0975Barry is a 39 year old, husband and dad of two, from Seaham. 

About 6 years ago he picked up an injury, which totally wiped out his exercise routine.

He started to pile the pounds on because he was less active and started to eat rubbish foods. In fact, he completely lost his self discipline with his diet. 

He would skip breakfast. Take a lunchbox full of sandwiches, crisps and chocolate biscuits to work. He would snack on sugary, carby things all day. Then when he got home from work he would eat more carby, starchy foods (or a takeaway), and wash it down with a couple of beers.

Basically, he fell into the trap of eating a high sugar diet, like many men do!

The problem is, too much sugar just results in storing fat around the waistline. 

He was feeling really bloated and uncomfortable in all of his clothes. 

It got to the point where his weight was affecting his mood and he avoided doing certain things, like going out with his mates and taking his sons swimming. 

The thing is… everyone has a tipping point. The point where you say to yourself, “right, enough is enough I’ve got to do something to get this weight off. I can’t go on feeling like this forever.”

So he signed up to my 90 Day Boot Camp Programme. 

And the rest is history as they say…

His chubby days are now behind him and he has a whole new energetic lifestyle. He has learned to control his diet and has very good self-discipline. And he has a new found self-confidence 😁 




How did Barry get these amazing results during his 90 Days at Boot Camp? 

3 Reasons: 

SUPPORT – You’ve got support from me and the rest of the group throughout your membership. I’m always on the end of the phone if you have questions. There ‘s also a private, members only facebook group where everyone communicates, shares their ideas and experiences. This group is the heartbeat of the programme. It really helps keep you on track.

MOTIVATION – Being in a group environment really motivates you during the workouts. It’s not fiercely competitive, but its very encouraging and inspiring. When you’re on your own in the gym it’s too easy to give up early or quit all together. In a group environment you will find yourself pushing more, it will get the best out of you and you’ll see quicker and better results. 

ACCOUNTABILITY – When you join boot camp you become part of the group, and you feel accountable. This is a HUGE part of your success. On those days when you don’t feel like working out, your energy is low, or when then weather is bad, the group will hold you accountable. 


Those 3 things are the key to successful health and fitness.

I see so many men joining gyms or going running. But they don’t get the results that they set out to achieve…

Because the gym doesn’t provide those 3 things above. 

In fact, there’s a statistic in the fitness industry that says 34% of new gym members attend LESS than 4 times! 

Only 21% of people attend more that 12 times! 

This statistics prove there is no accountability, support and motivation in a gym. 


The NEW 6 Week Boot Camp Programme….


I’ve just opened up more spaces for Men on my 6 Week Boot Camp programme. 

  • £49 for 6 weeks.
  • 2 workouts a week. Choose from Monday 6am, Tuesday 6:30pm, Thursday 6:30pm, Friday 6am
  • Meal Plans, shopping lists and recipes. 
  • Plus Support, Motivation and Accountability.


Fancy giving Boot Camp a go? To apply for a place click here >>>




image2 (2)I asked Barry a few questions about what it’s like to join boot camp, so you can hear from the ‘horses mouth’ instead of taking my word for it. 

What was your biggest fear before joining?  Did it come true, and if not, what happened instead?
“My biggest fear before signing up to your boot camp was turning up on the first day and  everyone else being really fit and in peak condition and I would look like a fat pudding!! this was not correct there was mix of people there in different stages of fitness, everyone was really welcoming and that put me at ease and I was able to enjoy it.”
What, specifically, was your favourite part of boot camp, and why?
“My favourite part of boot camp has been the varied activities and work outs we do, I have never had the same workouts in the 4 weeks I’ve been attending that makes it fun. I have enjoyed challenging myself again after losing my own discipline about 5-6 years ago following breaking my leg when playing rugby. I strangely enjoy doing the steps and the bank!!”

If you were to recommend East Coast Fitness to your best friend, what would you say?

“I would say if your thinking about joining do it don’t put it off like I did, since I started 4 weeks ago I have learned how to eat healthily, this in turn has given me the ability to train harder and more often and I can see results I never thought possible. Its about education learning how the food you eat affects you and how this helps  you exercise harder. I’m now doing 2 sessions a week  at boot camp and 2-3 on my own and loving it. people are noticing my weight loss and I seem to be happier in myself.”
image1 (2)
He then went on to say this…
“Can I just say the emails you have sent over the last few weeks have really helped, learning about food, carbs (good/bad) has been just as important as the exercise.”


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