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I hope that you’ve had a lovely Christmas and enjoyed the festivities. It’s very hard staying fit over the Christmas period, it can feel like an uphill struggle with all the partying, family get-togethers, chocolates and sweets there to tempt you.

But after all the festive excess in December, January is the perfect time to create some new fitness habits and start off the New Year getting fit and healthy for 2018.

We are all guilty of over-indulging during the festive season. The problem is eating rich foods and drinking more alcohol than you should can take its toll on your energy levels as well as your waistline and when the party’s over and you want to get in shape in January it can be tough.

It’s important to come up with realistic goals to begin with, everyone is going to slip from their targets early on but perseverance is the key.

Here’s five tips you can use to help get you feeling ready to face the cold and frosty mornings head on and get fit in January.

Focus on your goals and stay motivated
Focus on your goals, don’t skip a workout and don’t binge on junk food. The first days of Christmas with all the tempting treats are always the hardest but when you show willpower early on it will be worth it in the end.

Eat In Moderation
Keep everything in moderation just because there are leftover sweets and chocolate from Christmas in the house doesn’t mean you have to eat them all in one night.

Give Alcohol a Break
They’re lots of health benefits you can get from quitting the booze, it can help you lose weight and feel more energetic and it can be used as a step in the right direction of having a lifestyle change for the better. Take this one month off the wagon and it could be the beginning of a new healthier you. Dry January is a great campaign to help you along the way. www.breastcancernow.org/get-involved/dry-january

Join A Fitness Challenge
The fitness challenge everyone is talking about is talking about this year is RED January (Run Every Day). It’s an event created by Mind, the mental health charity. It’s free to join and the aim is to be active every day in January. You can join here www.mind.org.uk/redjanuary

Enjoy the Exercise
The fitness industry is so varied there are 100’s of ways you can get in shape the key to success is enjoying it and looking forward to your workout not dreading it so pick something you like doing.
Short, Progressive Workouts
Most people are desperate to lose weight in January, so they jump in at the deep end with their workouts. The danger is you’ll burn out after a couple of weeks, or you’ll get bored and give up. So, take it steady to start with, then build up the intensity as you go. The workouts don’t have to be long, just short and intense enough to work up a sweat.

I’ve got an online programme starting on January 8th. The New Year Shred. It’s a 14-day online fitness and nutrition programme designed to help you lose weight and tone up after the Christmas blow out. It will give you a kick start in 2018, and get the year off to the best possible start. It’s going to help get you in the right mind-set for healthy eating and get your workout motivation back! It includes daily 10-minute workouts, meal plans and online support and motivation. All of the details are here www.eastcoast-fitness.com/newyearseve

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