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3 key foundations for losing weight (that you probably never thought about)

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One of my boot camp clients, Mark Scott, recently lost over 2 stone in 3 months and measure 5 inches smaller around his waist.

I wanted to share with you the three things that gave him the foundations for being so successful and how he was able to stay focused for so long.

You probably never thought about these things, but they are vital to successful weight loss. Or any fitness goal for that matter.


Mark started my 90 Day Boot Camp Programme back in October with a goal of losing 2 stone in 3 months before his Skiing holiday in January.

There’s not many people who start ‘diets’ and stick to them for 3 months.

And, what’s more impressive is that he had big Birthday and Christmas celebrations in between and he still smashed his target.

How did he do it?

Mark got 3 things absolutely spot on from the start. He built good foundations for his success by doing three things:


Number 1 – He didn’t start a ‘diet’.

He learned how to fit healthy eating into his everyday lifestyle. He found out how to cook quick, easy and nutritious meals that helped him lose weight, but also gave him energy throughout the day. The healthy food made him more alert at work and more motivated to exercise.

A diet is something with an end date, it’s something that you can’t maintain as part of your everyday lifestyle.

Shake diets and low calorie diets are impractical, and sometimes dangerous to maintain for a long time. You lose weight in the beginning, but when you finish the diet your calorie intake increases, quickly followed by your weight!

Mark switched his mind-set from ‘diet’ to ‘healthy eating’.


Number 2 – He chose a programme that he would enjoy and hold him accountable.

Losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight, it takes a sustained effort over months.

When you choose a workout programme, it needs to hold you accountable. It needs to be fun, it needs to keep you motivated. The programme needs to stimulate you and keep you going back for more. The energy should be infectious.

If it doesn’t do those things, you will get bored and quit very quickly. So, choose your programme carefully.

You’ve got to ask yourself:

When I’m feeling tired after work, is there someone there to encourage me not to sit on the couch all night? Are there other people there to inspire me when I’m feeling low? Is there anyone to help me with meal plans? Can I speak to someone on the phone if I need help?

You can’t change your lifestyle without the close support and help from others. Which leads me nicely onto number 3.


Number 3 – He surrounded himself with like-minded people and built a support network.

It wasn’t just me who helped him during the 3 months. The other boot camp members played a massive part too.

They encourage each other. They bounce ideas off each other. They help people get back on track after they’ve had a ‘bad day’. They become friends. They form relationships.

That’s what happens when you’re surrounded by other people who are working towards the same goals. It creates a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

It’s so important that you’re not alone on your journey. Make sure there are supportive people around you.

That’s it!

3 simple things!

Make sure the programme provides those three vital things, if you want to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t Join A Gym In January!

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Joining a gym in January is the worst decision you could ever make…

It’s a nightmare when it’s so overcrowded!

You go to the gym with a workout in mind, but you can’t get on any of the machines or the weights are always in use. So you end up on the treadmill for a whole hour, which is a complete waste of time.

Come February you will have lost all interest, but you will probably be locked into a membership contract.

And you will find that the gym never contacts you to keep you motivated, because they don’t care as long as they’re getting their membership fees.

The best thing to do is exactly what Barry, Mark and Marina done before Christmas…



Join my 90 Day Boot Camp.

They joined in September 2016 and in the build up to Christmas they lost over 2 stone each!

You could do exactly the same in the New Year because I’m opening up the 90 Day Boot Camp again in January.

By the end of March you could be 2 stone lighter and wearing smaller clothes. Totally de-bloated after the Christmas season.

But, we’re not like a gym, I don’t open this up to everyone! I have limited space so I can’t take everyone on for this programme.

I will be sending an email out to confirm all of the details to the early notification list between Xmas and New Year.

If the 90 Day Boot Camp interests you then get on the Early Notification List here…




If you have any questions drop me an email at

Enjoy Christmas… Ignore the other fitness guys!

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I LOVE CHRISTMAS TIME. It’s a month to party. A month to have FUN. A month to celebrate with friends and family. A time to enjoy the lovely foods and drinks on offer. A few weeks to let your hair down and have a blast.

Why neglect yourself of those things?

I’m certainly not!

I’m going to New York soon, a place that I’ve always wanted to go. So I’m going to enjoy every minute of it, and that includes eating all of the indulgent foods on offer.

It’s the boot camp night out this weekend and I will be having a fair few drinks. Probably a few beers, some red wine with our meal and then G&T’s later in the night. I won’t feel guilty about it and I certainly won’t be logging them on my FitBit app haha. I’ve worked hard all year and it’s a time for me and my boot campers to get together and have some fun.

I’m looking forward to my Christmas dinner with my family and being in a food coma on Christmas night.

I think I’ll be going out on Boxing Day to watch the football and have few pints with the lads.

We’re having a house party on New Year’s Eve in our new house with some friends and family. It will probably get messy. Just hope there’s no red wine spilled on our new carpets lol.

And then there’s those little treats in between the main events. You know what I mean right…

Christmas shopping trips when you just HAVE to stop at Starbucks and grab a Gingerbread or Toffee Nut Latte. In fact as I write this blog post I’m sitting in costa having a Cappuccino.

Cosy nights in front of the fire with mulled wine or hot chocolate.

Tins of celebrations and quality street in the office at work.

All of this is fine…

As long as you resign yourself to the fact that you’re going to put weight on.

Probably about a stone!

But, that’s fine with me. I’ve worked hard all year and I’m going to enjoy this wonderful holiday season.

The main thing is though….


I’ve already got January planned out. I’ll be detoxing at the start of January for 2 weeks, with my New Year Shred Programme. I’ll be straight back to exercise. I won’t be making any excuses! I know it will be hard, I’ll have lost fitness, I’ll be a stone over weight. But I’ve already promised myself that I won’t let that stop me.

By the end of January I’ll be super fit and lean again. Actually, I’ll probably be in better shape than I am right now. That’s the promise to myself…. Enjoy December, but be strict in January!

Why neglect yourself of the joys of Christmas. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying yourself at this time of year…

As long as you get back on the health and fitness wagon in January – No excuses!


Enjoy your Christmas,


P.S. Don’t forget to get back on it on the 1st January!

A Proud Moment!

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I want to start this week’s blog by saying a huge thank you to everyone who voted for East Coast Fitness at the Sunderland Echo Portfolio Awards. I was immensely proud to be shortlisted for the award, and when Kevin Ball announced East Coast Fitness as winner of the Sole Trader of the Year award, I felt like dancing on the table! 

Although we won Sole Trader of the Year, it’s not just recognition for me; it’s recognition for my clients who work their socks off all year. Week in, week out they show amazing commitment and dedication towards improving their health and fitness. So, a huge thank you and well done to all of you. 

Today though, I want to tell you about my struggles as a business owner and how it can relate to your health and fitness.
Running a business certainly isn’t easy; I go through lots of ups and downs. I wake up some mornings and find it hard to get motivated. Some days I feel tired and fed up. Sometimes my ideas don’t work, in fact a few of them have failed miserably. It feels like I take two steps forward and one step back most of the time. 

Running a business isn’t all plain sailing, it’s very challenging, but I NEVER give up! When the going gets tough I dig in and work harder until I achieve what I set out to do.  

Last year I was shortlisted for an award at the Portfolio Awards, but I didn’t win. It made me realise that my business wasn’t as successful as I thought it was. I took a long, hard, honest look to see where I could improve. I worked on improving my business every day. 

Compared to a year ago my business is in a much better place. It’s not perfect, but I have definitely improved.

And it’s exactly the same with fitness. It doesn’t matter what your goal is, whether its weight loss, body building or marathon running, you’re going to hit a sticky patch at some point. You’re going to come up against tough challenges. You will feel like you have hit a brick wall. 

When this time comes you need to stay focused, and don’t give in! 

Often when you can’t see light at the end of the tunnel, it appears out of nowhere, and before you know it you’re back on track. 
You won’t be able to eat healthy 100% of the time. When you do slip up its important to get back on it straight away. Don’t let your binges run into a few days, or even weeks. Otherwise it’s like starting all over again. 

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Your diet won’t be perfect at first. Your exercise technique won’t be spot on when you first start. But you can work on that in time. Your hard work will pay off! 

And the most important thing, don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are coaches out there that can help you with your goals. Just make sure you do your homework so that you pick the correct coach for you. 

156 Minute Cardio HIIT

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This workout is great if you have no equipment available. It will get you out of breath and burning lots of calories! 

Perform the six exercises below back to back, then rest for sixty seconds. Complete 5 rounds in total.

20 seconds STAR JUMPS
20 seconds HILL CLIMBS 
20 seconds SIDE STEPS
20 seconds BURPEES
20 seconds SPRINTS
20 seconds SQUAT THRUSTS
60 seconds rest

For a full demonstration of the workout watch the video


Ab & Core HIIT Workout

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Try this workout if you want to tighten your abs. Ideal if you don’t have much time. 


Chocolate Protein Smoothie Bowl

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Try this for breakfast… Chocolate Protein Smoothie Bowl 😋 packed with protein, good carbs and good fats. 

Serves 2: 
1 scoop chocolate protein 

200ml almond milk

1 cup wholegrain rolled oats

2 heaped tbsp Greek yoghurt

1 tsp honey
Put the above ingredients into a blender and blitz until smooth. Then serve in a bowl with raspberries, blueberries and flaked almonds.

Plus Size Ladies, Read This For Inspiration…

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Last year Deb had a particularly bad year health wise. From the beginning of year she attended lots of doctors and hospital appointments and had to see a heart specialist.

She was suffering from high blood pressure and palpitations, which the doctors were trying to keep under control with lots of medication.

But the meds didn’t work and she had to be fitted with a heart monitor to do extra checks.

By this point, in October last year she was so low and felt so despondent about trying to get her health back.



The doctor challenged her to find some form of exercise that she enjoyed doing.

She was horrified because she never done any exercise at all. She used to walk from her car to her desk every day at work and that was about it.

The thought of being in public and being active was the most embarrassing thing Deb could think of.

The doctor suggested a gym… “NO WAY, not in front of all of those people”.

He suggested buying equipment for home… “NO, I don’t want to disturb next door”.

He suggested walking… “OK, but only in the dark when people can’t see me”.

She was finding every excuse under the sun not to do it!



It was fate that Deb then seen an advert for my Ladies Only Size 16 + Class…

She thought… “Great, iit’s for people like me, people my size, with the same problems and I’ll be indoors”.

So she called me and asked a few questions…

Can people my size exercise?

Will I be ok?

ABSOLUTELY! I design the workouts so that you don’t put too much pressure on your joints. Your heart rate won’t go too high. There’s no pressure you just do everything at your own pace.

At first it was scary for Deb turning up in a new group. But I do everything I can to make everyone in the group feel comfortable.



web slider 16+

Deb thought she’d never be able to do it…

“At the time I started I couldn’t even bent down to put my own shoes on so the thought of being able to do a push up or a squat was ridiculous”

But I show you adaptations and easier versions that you can manage and then we build it up and progress very quickly.

“You can work at your own pace and you see the improvements and we have a laugh in our little group which makes everyone feel comfortable”.

“There’s an all in it together atmosphere. We meet before we start and have a chat about how our week has been. We discuss nutrition with Graham each week too”.

One year ago if someone had told Deb that she would be exercising outdoors, running up hills, running on sand she would have wet herself laughing and would never have believed it. But that is now a reality!

“Some of the workouts are tough but the sense of achievement is fantastic. Some workouts we have a laugh from start to finish and it’s different all of the time”.




When Deb started she was 2 ½ stone heavier than it is now. Her waistline is 7 inches bigger than it was then. Her backside was 6 inches bigger.

She can bend down and put her own socks and shoes on without being out of breath.

She can run up and down stairs now.

She has a better enthusiasm for life.

Actually she can’t believe she actually got herself into that state she was in a year ago.

“It’s been a life changing experience, my blood pressure is back to normal, my heart palpitations have stopped, which is something that the doctors couldn’t even help me with.”

The doctor was amazed, Deb was amazed.

“It makes me feel proud of myself, less embarrassed; I can go out in public without feeling self conscious”



Deb knows how hard it is to make that first step. She has been there and she would advise anyone to start NOW.

“Staying as you are could be the worst thing that you can do. As hard as it may be walking into a room full of people, wondering what is going to be expected of you, don’t stay as you are… take that one little step and you will see what a difference it can make”.


Take that first step by signing up for my FREE 7 Day Shred Plan. You get a 7 day meal plan, shopping list and recipes for a whole week…

The Shred plan is very similar to the one Deb used to get her results. You could lose half a stone in the first week! Download Now…

Download Now

The perfect post workout breakfast

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Every Monday and Friday morning I’m up early for boot camp. 

By 6:45am my workout is finished and I head home for breakfast. 

It’s got to be something quick because I’ve gotta be back out for my first PT session at 7:30am. 

So this is normally what I have when I’m in a rush… 

Raspberry Almond Overnight Oats, Effervescent Vitamin Drink, Double Espresso, Glucosamine supplement (for health joints), Vitamin D supplement (for healthy bones) 
Here’s the recipe for the oats…
Serves 1 


200ml almond milk 

60g wholegrain rolled oats 

3 tbsp Greek yogurt 

1 tbsp chia seeds (optional) 

1/2 tbsp honey 

Handful of fresh raspberries 

1 tbsp sliced, slivered or chopped almonds 

In a pint jar or resealable container, add the milk, oats, yogurt, chia seeds and honey. Mix thoroughly, seal up and refrigerate for at least 6 hours or overnight. In the morning or when ready to eat, stir in the raspberries and almonds. Enjoy

Listen to one of my Star Clients tell her story – it’s amazing!

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Last month I told you a story about one of my Star Clients, Val.

How she went through a lot of struggles before she plucked up the courage to join my Ladies Only Size 16+ Club.

And how she went on to totally change her lifestyle for the better.

So that she could be more active with her grand kids. And have more energy to do fun things with the family.

And even inspired her own kids to take up exercise! 

Now, I’ve got another Star Client story for you. This time though, Deb has gone on camera to tell you the story herself. 

Watch this, its amazing! 



If you want to turn your life around like Deb, then you’re in luck! 

There are spaces open for my Ladies Only Size 16+ Club. 

Just in time for Summer! 

It’s perfect for you if…


For all of the info and to apply for a place, go here…




  • Timetable & Booking


    Date: Monday & Friday
    Time: 06:00 – 06:45
    Venue: Seaham Youth Centre (Strangford Road, Seaham, SR7 8QE)
    Price: £30 for 4 week block booking / £85 for 12 week block booking (saving £5) / £160 for 24 week block booking (saving £20)

    Morning Boot Camp – Seaham


    Date: Tuesday & Thursday
    Time: 18:30 – 19:30
    Venue: Seaham Sea Front – meet in Tonias Cafe car park (North Road, Seaham, SR7 7AG)
    Price: £30 for 4 week block booking / £85 for 12 week block booking (saving £5) / £160 for 24 week block booking (saving £20)

    Evening Boot Camp – Seaham


    Date: Sunday
    Time: 10:00 – 11:00
    Venue: Seaham Leisure Centre (Deneside Recreation Ground, Seaham, SR7 8NP)
    Price: £5 per session