Boot Camp at Seaham Marina

£3.75 per session!


ATTENTION: Ladies in Seaham and County Durham who want to be Sexy this Summer!

I've made the Boot Camp programme even better! 

I'm looking for 15 new ladies who want to try it first

Tighten Your Abs
Tone Your Legs & Bum
Lose Weight
Boost Your Energy
Feel More Confident In Your Clothes


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“I have improved the meal plans and designed more effective workouts so the results are going ot be even BIGGER and BETTER!"

Graham Low, East Coast Fitness

We Are The Local Experts When It Comes To Weight Loss For Women!

However, I'm always looking to improve and get EVEN BETTER RESULTS!
So I've been tweaking the meal plans, and learning new workout techniques to make the Boot Camp package even more effective!
I tried the new programme out with one of my PT clients, Sue, and she lost 15.5lbs in 4 weeks before her wedding. She totally changed her body and looked absolutely amazing. 
And now I'm ready to put Sue's template into the boot camp programme and roll it out over the Summer. 
I'm looking to take on 15 more ladies into the boot camp programme who will be the first people to try the NEW meal plans and workout combo. I'm certain these 15 ladies will see results just like Sue - if not better!

  • 4 Months and 4 sizes Down

    Claire Errington

  • 6 Weeks and 2 sizes Down

    Chloe Graham

So, if you fit the following criteria, keep reading!

 -You're fed up with looking at the clothes that used to fit you in your wardrobe and saying "one day".

-You want to start socialising more and feeling more confident than what you currently do.

-You just want to be able to look in the mirror and feel happy with what you see.

-You're tired of constantly feeling like you're on a diet and just want to start something that sticks.

-You're sick of losing weight and then putting it back on again - for once you just want to keep it off.

-You have a holiday coming up and finally want to feel comfortable in a bikini.

This 4 Week Programme Is Designed For Women That Want 'Fast And Long LastingRESULTS!

My 4 week "Get Sexy For Summer" Package is my special fast track 'wanna see fast results ready for Summer 2016 Programme. I've have spent the last five years running boot camps, testing and refining the workouts, the meal plans, the recipes, the ongoing support and the accountability - so that everyone that joins sees amazing results!

But, I've recently tested a new set of meal plans on one of my PT clients in the build up to her wedding! And I think it is the best set of plans yet!

And along with boot camp style workouts it's definitely gonna be a WINNER!

My PT client paid £360 for her 6 week programme, BUT because I'm putting this into a large boot camp group I can lower the price so it's more affordable for you. 

It's only going to cost you

Keep reading to find out exactly what's included... It's much more than just 2 workouts a week! 

The start date is flexible... You can start at any time between now and 31st AUGUST.
(It will then run for 4 weeks following your start date)

What Do You Get For £33? 

ALL Of The Tools You Need To Transform Your Body...

2 WORKOUTS PER WEEK (value £40)

Choose any 2 of the following 4 sessions...

MONDAY 6:00-6:45am - Seaham Marina
TUESDAY 6:30-7:15pm - Seaham Marina (next to the Lookout Cafe)
THURSDAY 6:30-7:15pm - Seaham Marina (next to the Lookout Cafe)
FRIDAY 6:00-6:45am - Seaham Marina

* If the weather is bad we have an indoor venue available.

Each week you will get a 7 day meal plan with all of your clean, healthy meals mapped out. It means you can prepare well for the week ahead. The plan includes a shopping list so you don't have to spend time writing down all of the ingredients and working out what to buy. And, of course it also comes with the easy to follow recieps  so you can make the simple, tasty meals in no time!


You can have use of the body fat scales at the beginning and end of your month so you can track your progress. We do body fat measurements because it's more accurate and reliable that measuring your weight. We also measure you with a tape measure and take some 'before photographs'. This might make you feel a little uncomfortable but thats good! Doing these measurements at the beginning of the programme will really help motivate you. You will also get your measurements done after the last session so we can monitor your amazing results.   


Some people have said this is worth the £33 alone! You get full online support from me and the rest of the group. If you have any questions or need help with something health and fitness related you get an instant reply. It helps build friendships within the group. You get workouts to do at home and new recipes to try. But best of all it gives you ACCOUNTABILITY! It holds you accountable for attending the sessions and continuing with your healthy eating plan.


100% Money Back Gaurantee...

Parting with your hard earned cash, for something that you're not guaranteed to get is risky - I get that!

Especially when nothing has worked for you in the past!

So to reassure you, I offer this 'safety net' guarantee...
If you don’t get the results I promise, you don’t pay a penny!

If I fail to deliver the goods I give you your money back by way of an apology for failing.. 

So, you either get the results to CHANGE YOUR LIFE, or GET YOUR MONEY BACK.... Its RISK FREE!

All that you have to do is follow the nutrition plan and complete all of the workouts.

What Actual Clients Have To Say!

  • "Just checked my chart... at my heaviest in May I was 12st... today I am 2.5 stones lighter... Crazy!!!!"

    Clare Taylor - Lost 2.5 stones and nearly 6 inches off her waist!


  • "Graham I can't believe it, I bought my wedding dress before I came back to boot camp and it fit lovely. I've just been for my final dress fitting and have had to have just under 2.5 inches taken in from either side! Im over the moon thank you x."

    Melanie Walker - Dropped 4.5 inches off her waist and over 2 inches off each leg.

  • "Made up with my weight and inches lost so far. Metabolic age reduced by 23 years! ...amazing. Worth getting up at half 5 in the morning for"

    Val Ellison Lost over 5 inches off her waist and reduced her metabolic age by 23 years.