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Here's What To Expect After 7 Days...

> Lose 1 inch from your waist and FEEL LESS BLOATED!

> Lose 7 lbs of body fat so you FEEL LESS FLABBY!

> FEEL ENERGIZED instead of lethargic and tired!

> FEEL CONFIDENT IN YOUR CLOTHES and less self conscious!


Don’t Take My Word For It

"Just checked my chart... at my heaviest in May I was 12st... today I am 2.5 stones lighter... Crazy!!!!"

Clare Taylor

Lost 2.5 stones and nearly 6 inches off her waist!

"Graham I can't believe it, I bought my wedding dress before I came back to boot camp and it fit lovely. I've just been for my final dress fitting and have had to have just under 2.5 inches taken in from either side! Im over the moon thank you x."

Melanie Walker 

Dropped 4.5 inches off her waist and over 2 inches off each leg.

"Made up with my weight and inches lost so far. Metabolic age reduced by 23 years! ...amazing. Worth getting up at half 5 in the morning for"

Val Ellison

Lost over 5 inches off her waist and reduced her metabolic age by 23 years.

Here's Exactly What's Included...

  • 7 DAY KICK START BOOK (you will get this on your first session)

    It includes...

    Nutrition Guidance

    7 Day Meal Plan - making it easy to prepare for the week ahead.

    Recieps - Clean meals, easy to make and very tasty!

    Shopping List - to make things easy when you go shopping.


    (you dont have to do all 4 sessions but the more sessions you take part in the better results you will get)

    Monday - 6:00am - Indoors - Seaham Youth Centre

    Tuesday - 6:30pm - Outdoors - Seaham Marina (next to the Lookout Cafe)

    Thursday - 6:30pm - Outdoors - Seaham Marina (next to the Lookout Cafe)

    Friday - 6:00am - Indoors - Seaham Youth Centre



    You will be weighed and measured at the start and end of the week so we can monitor the changes in your body :-)

    to transform all the feedback and interest that you've received from your audience into the most seductive package imaginable


    For Boot Camp members only, where you can all interact with eachother and get 24/7 support from me. Being part of a group like this gives you extra accountability too - something that you don't have when you're trying to do it alone! 

Still Not Sure?

No Worries. The Boot Camp Pass comes with a

200% Money-Back Guarantee!

Parting with your hard earned cash, for something that you're not guaranteed to get is risky - I get that!

Especially when nothing has worked for you in the past!

So to reassure you, I offer this 'safety net' guarantee...
If you don’t get the results I promise, you don’t pay a penny!

In fact, if I fail to deliver the goods I give you double-your-money-back by way of an apology for failing.. 

So, you either get the results or GET YOUR MONEY BACK.... Its RISK FREE!

All that you have to do is follow the nutrition plan and attend all 4 workouts . 

I look forward to personally guiding you through your 7 day boot camp programme. I'm sure you will have lots of fun and will love the results, 


If you have any questions you can call me on 07875548880.


Graham Low